“Ven Espiritu Sancto!” - A 2014 Reflection by Kathy Cohenour

The parish hall had been transformed into a sanctuary to accommodate the crowd for the Pentecost vigil. We sang, listened to scripture, sang some more cajoling the Spirit to come, “Ven Espiritu Sancto!” The lights flickered off and we sat in hushed awe as a cauldron of fire was carried aloft in procession into the sanctuary and placed on the altar for all to contemplate. For a full minute, no one spoke, no babies cried. We just sat transfixed by the fire of the Spirit. Fr. Jose’s homily spoke about how the Spirit’s coming enabled all the Church to understand one another despite their cultural and linguistic differences. We all learned to speak the language of love.
The next day, Sunday, we hiked to a beautiful lake nearby and spent the afternoon with the community playing soccer and Frisbee and making bracelets with the children. Guitars were brought out and we learned to sing some of the songs we had heard the night before. Sandwiches were produced, “just for St. Monica”, but we shared them out and all ate and were satisfied. It was a perfect, relaxed, day of rest such as I never have in Indianapolis on Sunday. That evening we sat in the library, reflecting on the last few days. One of the members of our group said he had just come to Lepaterique to play soccer with the kids. But I had watched how he drew the kids and the adults into the game and helped everyone feel comfortable sharing something despite their inability to communicate in words. He was speaking the language of love.
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are never more obvious to me than when I am in the presence of those who walk by faith alone, trusting that the Lord will provide even when I know just how difficult are the circumstances with which they live every day. Oh that we will be able to carry these lessons on in our lives now that we are back in our everyday world!

Kathy Cohenour