Joyous and welcoming

I really did give it some thought and there are many wonderful things I have experienced during all three trips I have made to Lepaterique.  The care given to us by brothers and sisters….  The beautiful outdoor Mass this year….  and on and on…..Sister parish - Tim Shaffstall

Someone, maybe you said that when we visit, everyone from Lepaterique is all smiles, but what is their daily life like?  Everyone from St Monica that I have spoken with remark on how our sisters and brothers in Lepaterique are joyous and welcoming.  Yet we know that by any standards they lack some basic resources. 

I spend time thinking about the things, education, technology, health care, transportation, jobs etc., we have that would make their lives better and some of these same items that would only make their lives more materially oriented and less spiritual.  Where should the line be?

Maybe it is not possible to have one without the other?

Peace, Tim Shaffstall