A Different Kind of Peace - 2014 Trip Reflection by Sarah Hein

In 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, St. Paul so eloquently expressed his thoughts on love and as you will see, that is the picture of what I feel each and every time I visit Lepaterique, as the people there have become such a vital part of my life.

When it comes to Lepaterique, love is the one thing that is always prevalent, no matter what one's walk of life.

This year, I went to Lepaterique, looking for peace, having left behind a journey with my family that I never dreamed I would ever have to walk. Yes, I found peace, but it was a different kind of peace than that I was looking for. It was a peace that came wrapped in love. No one in Lepaterique knew what I had left behind, yet all seemed to know what I needed--love! Love was found in each touch, each child's smile, in the pastor and seminarians, and especially the hugs, that are given freely and without reserve. It was found in the gentleness of a roommate, in the gift of friendship from all, and in the building of relationships. It is in each touch and every person that touched my life that week--some I already knew and many I did not, even after seven visits!

No matter where you go in Lepaterique, love is given without reservation. The warmth and strength of that love, no matter the giver, left me feeling safe and loved and cherished. I found the peace that God saw that I needed and He wrapped it in love, letting me come home to be with those that are mine! So, with a heart that is full of love, I say "thank you" and "muchos gracias" to all who love me!

Sarah Hein