School Commission

 St. Monica 2016-2017 School Commission Members

Chairman Fr. Todd Goodson 253-2193
Principal Eric Schommer 255-7153
President Jenny Milata 507-6674 2014
Vice-President John Finke 979-3678 2015
Secretary Carrie Murphy 698-0608 2014
Member Gabe Bosslet 656-1285 2014
Member Jessica Larson 695-0110 2015
Member Evelyn Rocha 366-5216 2015
Member Cara Acklin 670-8106 2016
Member Hector Balladares 305- 613-3801 2016
Member Laura Skinner 362-9460 2016
Member Mary Sanger 250-7679 2016
Member Michael Julius 644-9845 2016

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 Year indicates year member service began on Commission 

Meetings are usually on the second Tuesday of the month.

All meetings take place in the school library from 6:30-8:00 and can be found on the family calendar HERE.

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