Student Life

The Student Life at St. Monica is the foundation of our ability to truly be a family. Through academics, enrichment, games, and our various clubs, St. Monica has formed a bond like no other school.  

Student Life helps form this bond by bringing each other closer in our hearts, our minds, and our souls. 

Through Conscious Discipline and Virtues we feel the School Family is a strong component.  Several structures and rituals of the program that we would like to add to our website are the:

Celebration Center - This provides children and adults a way to honor each other's efforts and achievements.  If you would like to submit a celebration, email the school office.

We Care/We Wish you Well -  This ritual helps children express caring for those who are absent or are experiencing situations that seem out of their control.  Please email your appreciation, concern, or care to the school office to post on our site.

Visible Virtues - We believe in the importance of educatng the whole person. Special times are designated during the school year to focus on important Virtues.  Visible Virtues are recognized individually.  Students also work on conflict resolution, through our Peaceable Playground program, bullying, through our Bullying and the Bible program, and goal setting, through (IAP's - Individual Academic Plans).