Spaces available for several classes. Please contact the office to see if we have space for your child.

Please contact the office at   or call 317-255-7153 to find out more and schedule a tour.

It is our goal to offer a Catholic education to every student who desires to attend Saint Monica Catholic School regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, or academic support needs. Due to our school size we occasionally may have more students enroll than we are able to accommodate.  A registration deadline of March 17th is in place for grade levels that are near capacity.

To ensure that our enrollment process is fair and objective, a formal Admission Policy was developed by the School Commission for Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Application Process & Admission Policy

Enrollment Policy

Current families have the opportunity to register for the following school year, and must do so by January 27.  Once it is determined who is returning, remaining spots are opened up to parishioners.  Whatever spots remain once parishioners have been served, are filled by new families whose records from a former school (if any) indicate that St. Monica is a good match for their child.  Middle school students and parents are interviewed prior to acceptance.  A non-refundable processing fee is paid at time of application for acceptance.  A registration fee is paid as well, which is non-refundable unless acceptance is denied.  A registration deadline of March 17th is in place for new families applying for grade levels that are near capacity.

We also ask that you make an appointment (317) 255-7153 if interested in seeing St. Monica at a time other than our scheduled Open House (the last Sunday of January every year).  Please bring school records when you visit.

Downloadable Application

Current School Family Re-Enrollment Application 

New Family Application English   Español

If unavailable, check back during open enrollment time. (Feb- June) 

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Policy

Tuition includes:

  • study trips

  • technology fees

  • most student materials

When comparing our tuition rates to other schools, ask about fees that their tuition does not include.

Please call the school office for information about getting your child(ren) registered for the 2017-18 school year. 

TUITION FOR 2017-2018

The finance committee has approved the tuition for the 2017-2018 School year:

Parishioner - $4,944

Catholic - $5562

Non-Parishioner - $7168

Eighth grade student tuition is an additional $800 added to the above rates to cover all expenses for trips, ceremonies, and leadership opportunities

Financial Assistance

The School Commission and Parish Finance Committee prayerfully consider the tuition rates, balancing the true cost of a 21st Century Catholic education against the need to offer an affordable option for all families.

The Immigrant Welcome Center, Parish Youth Center, religious education and our school ministry all use parish funds.  Therefore many of the operating and facility costs are covered under the umbrella of the parish. The tithing and financial support the parish receives helps offset the true cost of a quality, Catholic education.

The support from the parish helps offset the true cost of an individual child's Catholic education which is $7168.  This includes tuition, school supplies, and technology fees.


The Indiana Department of Education facilitates the Choice Scholarship Program.  Please see the link below for more information.  Please send your previous year's 1040 tax return to Jessica Sinkovic,  for further review.  

IDOE Choice Scholarship Program


If, after offers of admission have been made to students according to the admissions policy, Saint Monica School has more Choice Scholarship students who seek to actually enroll by the school’s enrollment date than the number of spaces that the school has available, then the school will hold a lottery. The deadline to enter the lottery is March 31st each calendar year. The lottery will be held on the first Monday in April in a public meeting. The following lottery process occurs:

  • For each grade, the students are divided into three groups:
    1. Children of active parishioners
    2. Children with siblings already enrolled in the School
    3. Children who are neither active parishioners nor do they have a sibling already enrolled in the school.
  • Each student in each grade on the wait list is assigned a number, and students and their families are informed of the student’s number the day of the lottery.
  • Each student’s lottery number is placed in a lottery bin. Numbers are chosen from the parishioners bin first, and then we go to the lottery bin containing lottery numbers for students who have a sibling already enrolled. Numbers will continue to be drawn until all numbers are drawn from all three bins.
  • As numbers are chosen, a list is established.
  • Two lists will be produced and published on the School’s website. A list will be published for the School Choice Scholarship students who will be able to enroll at the School. And a second list will be published for the School Choice Scholarship students who will be placed on a waiting list.

After the lottery date, anyone else who comes in for admission for the upcoming school year, goes on a waiting list (separated into three groups as above). Parish families are always given first preference.

Waiting lists are destroyed at the end of every academic year. Therefore, families still interested in enrolling their child(ren) at the School for the following academic year, must begin the process again when enrollment opens in January.


Students in good standing from another school will be considered for transfer admission after the following has been accomplished:

  1. Enrollment/Admission forms are completed.
  2. A conference with the principal, teacher, parents and student has been held to discuss the goals, religious mission and expectations of the School.
  3. If requested, the parents have provided a written statement indicating their reasons for seeking enrollment for their child in the School.
  4. Previous educational records have been supplied to the school including, if available and applicable: current grade transcript or report card, most recent standardized testing results, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Service Plan, Section 504 Plan or Individual Catholic Education Plan (ICEP).
  5. If appropriate records are not available or if there are other educational concerns, the principal may require entrance testing of the child and direct consultation with the previous school to determine appropriate educational placement before admission is granted.
  6. Updated immunization records have been received.
  7. Applicants for admission to grades 6, 7 and 8 are generally scrutinized more closely than applicants for lower grades as educational preparation and disciplinary records at this level are of more concern to the School.
  8. NOTE: Catholic schools support the disciplinary decisions of other schools. Therefore, a student expelled from another private or public school may not be considered for enrollment until one year after the expulsion date and then only at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with the Pastor.

If the Principal determines through the above procedures that the family and student have philosophies, educational goals, and levels of preparation that are compatible with the religious mission and educational programs offered by the School, and that the student is likely to be successful in the Catholic educational setting, and an opening exists; the student may be admitted either on a probationary basis or without restriction. Prioritization of placement of applicants for transfer will occur in the same order and by the same criteria as defined in the Admission Selection Procedures above.


The Institute for Quality Education provides scholarship grants to students of lower-income families enabling them to attend private or parochial school of their choice.  The Institute for Quality Education is a 501(c)(3) public charity, funded by individual, corporate, and foundation contributions.  It is open to families who qualify under the income guidelines for the federal reduced-price lunch program and who are entering from a public school. Scholarships are worth $500. The Institute for Quality Education exists to provide new options in education for families of limited means.


To help offset the cost of a Catholic education at Saint Monica Catholic School, there are opportunities for parish support, scholarships and financial aid.  Saint Monica School partners with FACTS Tuition Management to offer a confidential application process that reviews financial need based on objective, preset criteria. Applications for financial aid through FACTS are confidential and submitted online.  

To apply please follow the link to FACTS Tuition Management.  Please apply beginning January 1st.  The deadline to apply for the upcoming school year is April 16th.  

Interested applicants should contact the Business Manager, Jessica Sinkovic - , who will give you the information to begin the online process. She will be able to answer all other specific questions about the program. 

Who is a parishioner of St. Monica Parish?

(As defined by the Parish Pastoral Council)

A parishioner is not simply someone whose name appears on the parish roster.  Membership in St. Monica Parish involves meeting at least two of the following three criteria:

  1. Worship with the community on Sundays and Holy Days;

  2. Regularly support the parish through reasonable and identifiable monetary contributions’ including online giving

  3. Be involved in one or more of the spiritual, educational, service or social activities of the Church.

Following are some criteria that are used to determine parishioner status:

  1. Time:  Do you worship regularly with the community on Sundays and Holy Days?

  2. Talent:  What abilities and gifts can you share with St. Monica Parish?  Can your vocational abilities be used to better the parish?  Example: can you share computer knowledge, offer nursing expertise, volunteer in class or tutor students, promote fundraisers, serve as a Eucharistic Minister or Lector, minister to shut-ins, serve on a committee, help with the Liturgy, etc.

  3. Treasure:  Do you give to God financially a part of what He gives to you?  While Scripture calls us to tithe, it is between you and God what you are able to give.  Are you using your envelopes weekly?  It is important for you to use the envelopes that are mailed to you because it allows for better and more accurate records of your giving.

We Love Parent Involvement!

Parent involvement has always been a hallmark of our school and we firmly believe that our school is not complete without this component. We require 28 hours per family per year.  Financially, our tuition would be much higher without the dedicated commitment of our families to provide many of the services that make our school run efficiently and provide unique, one-of-a-kind educational opportunities for our students. Many studies support the beliefs we have here at St. Monica that parent involvement has a direct impact on a child’s education.