SMS Staff 2016

Staff Directory

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Office Staff

Eric Schommer

Beth Becker
School Office Manager

Cathleen Rosario
Laura Valle
Gaby Gonzalez
Rotunda Greeter/Safety

Jessica Sinkovic
Business Manager

SCRIP Manager


Carol Seibal
Paula Koval
Instructional Assistant

Stacey Hoaglin
Sara Dunn
Instructional Assistant

Kyle Redmond
Jana Faulk
Instructional Assistant


Amy Hunt

Noelia Miller
Barb Harkness
Instructional Assistant

Grade 1

Sarah Osburn
Christy McDaniel
Instructional Assistant

Kristen Christenberry
Merle Nowlin
Instructional Assistant

Grade 2

Lyn Goldsberry
Lisa Buckner
Instructional Assistant

Cathy Duda
Instructional Assistant

Grade 3

Eileen Hyvonen
Melissa Lynch
Sharon Toepp
Instructional Assistant

Grade 4

Stacie Hernandez
Becky Heimann
Kate Antrim
Instructional Assistant

Grade 5

Pam Berg

Jamie Shanahan

Middle School

Matthew Heimann
Math & Language Arts

Ted Bourke
Language Arts/Theater

Becky Rogers
Tim Bush

Dyllan Kalnajs
Social Studies

Ivone Razzino
Susan Shirvinski

Specials/Fine Arts

Criss Corrado
Tim Moore
Vicki Willoughby
Josh Wolff


Spanish Teacher

Support Staff

Dianne Metzler
School Lunch Director

Extended Day Program Manager

Kevin Starkey
Maintenance Manager

Support Services

Annie Surina
ELL Teacher

Kelly Young
Support Services Coordinator

Christine Exline
ELL & Special Education

Linda Eagan
Literacy Specialist

LMSW Social Worker/Behavior Interventionist

Special Education