Posted on Jun 23, 2017

12th Week in Ordinary Time                           June 29 RCIA Session


Jeremiah 20:10-13
Psalm 69:8-10,14, 17, 30-35
Romans 5:12-15
Matthew 10:26-33


 "Jesus said to the Twelve: 'Fear no one.  ...Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father's knowledge.  Even all the hairs of your head are counted.  So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

cf. Matthew 10:26-33


  SCHEDULE:  Newcomers Welcome every Thursday!

  • This Thursday, June 29, will be our last Thursday evening RCIA Session until August 17.  Even though there will be no Thursday RCIA Sessions in July or the first two weeks of August, there will be a weekly Blog emailed to you: you are welcome to arrange to meet with your Sponsor or to reflect and read/study at home.  
  • If you are interested in learning more or getting started in RCIA, please do not feel you have to wait until August:  just contact Anne Corcoran (for adults) or Daniel Neri (for families).   Call 317-253-2193 and ask for Anne or Daniel.  Or email


PRACTICE THE FAITH: Purity of Heart & Listening to God

  • Read Chapter 29 and Chapter 33 of the USCCA.  What is "purity of heart"?  In what areas of your life do you feel you have purity of heart?  What gives us the strength to be "pure of heart"?
  • Last week we took a moment to call to mind a special moment in our lives, a moment when we experienced great love -- either the love of another for us, our own great love for someone else.  This week we take a moment to call to mind a very different kind of moment, a moment when we experienced distrust, separation or division, hate, discrimination, disregard, prejudice.  If you have had these experiences, you may feel as Jeremiah felt in this week's first reading.  And, you may find comfort in Jesus' words in the Gospel.  For just five minutes, let all those feelings come and go, but do not dwell on them.  Simply sit with the experience.
  • After recalling this experience and sitting quietly as feelings or thoughts came and went inside of you, look at yourself as God might see you, observing yourself from outside yet in touch with what is inside.  Imagine what God might say to you...  What does God want you to know, to understand?


REFLECTION: Trust in God; Purity of Heart

For almost four weeks we have been reflecting on the experience of Communion.  We started with Pentecost and the coming of the Spirit - our Consoler and Guide, dwelling in our own hearts and moving us out to others in love.  We reflected on God as Trinity and how God's very essence is love, communion - and how we are made in God's own image and invited to live eternally in divine communion with God and all our brothers and sisters.  Then we prayed about the Real Presence of Jesus with us in Eucharist and the call to live as ONE BODY, the Body of Christ, a prophetic and priestly people shining like a light for the world - reflecting the light of Christ present with us and in us.  We reflected on the call to live "in him and he in us" [John 6:56].  

This week, for the first time since Easter, we have an "ordinary Sunday" with no special feast.  This week we might feel a shift in the readings:  our focus shifts from the love we are called to receive from God and share with others to the resistance and even the persecution we can expect to experience as followers of Jesus and children of our loving God.  If we had thought following God would make our life easy, this week's readings wake us up to something else.  

Though the Christian life will not always make us famous, loved, or successful, it will always open the doors to Divine friendship and even communion with God.  The spiritual life begins when we understand the greatness of God and the depths of his love for us.  The spiritual life deepens in us when we discover how to live in "purity of heart" when the world pulls us away from God and/or ignores and punishes us for the love we receive and the love that we give.

How is God's love close to you, and not dependent on the love others have for you?

 How do you manage to stay true to your faith, when "the pressure is on" and the consequences of believing in God and following God are high, costly?  

How has love been costly for you?  How have you neglected to love others, those who seem "far" from you?

How do you typically respond in the face of hurt?

How ready are you to practice forgiveness?  What does forgiveness offer to you?  To our world?

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