The St. Monica Year of Prayer: Prayer and the call to Stewardship

Posted Nov 05, 2017

St. Augustine is quoted as saying in the USCCB Catholic Catechism for Adults that “true prayer is nothing but love”. There are some implications to this statement that help us understand how prayer and stewardship are related. This means that prayer is more than words directed towards God it is a way of life. We pray to enter more deeply into God’s love and then seek to share that love. Seeking to care for each other is part of what we pray for, to be able to share God’s love with the people who are around us, whoever that might be.

Our parish community is God’s gift to us and it is our responsibility to care for our each other and the property that we share. We give to our parish not to be noticed or because we expect something in return, we give to our parish of because we pray and seek to love as a way of life. I, as your pastor, will from time to time remind you of the needs
that we have, however it is your prayer and listening to God that ultimately decides what God is calling you to offer. Often times we might see people with needs greater than ours, so giving should be directed to those people.

However, St. Monica and all of us need care as well. That may be financial support, helping or starting a ministry, or just noticing that there is some trash that needs picked up or a room that needs cleaning. As we continue to pray together for the world and our parish, please know of my gratitude to have you as a member of this community. Our prayer calls us to receive God’s love but also to share it with others. Caring for our local parish is an important way
we do that.

God Bless, Fr. Todd