Prayer and Hearing God’s Call to Care

Posted Oct 15, 2017

As we continue our journey of prayer together, my hope is that you are finding your fifteen minutes of daily prayer to be fruitful and beginning to nourish your life. Please don’t hesitate to contact Fr. Kyle or me, if you think we can help we would love to pray with you and do what we can to help you encounter God’s love for you. Prayer is often the harder choice in a life filled with much easier distractions, but it is the better choice and can strengthen you to live in the peace of God’s plan for your life. Don’t get frustrated if this takes some time and discipline, just keep trying!

A pretty familiar sight here in the city of Indianapolis is a person begging for change in the median of a large intersection. It is often challenging to know what to do with traffic, little opportunity for conversation to explore greater needs, and our own biases about how our money might be used. However, as a people of prayer it should at least affect us in some way when we see somebody in this position. We should at least see a person who is loved by God and deserves our care.  This is a fundamental principle of Stewardship and it is first rooted in prayer, an openness to listen to God and follow His call to care. There are all sorts of people who will ask you for all sorts of things, including me. It is through prayer that you and I are able to understand God’s particular call for us to care for the world and our brothers and sisters.

Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you some thoughts about prayer, discipleship and what I think it means to be a steward of God’s creation.  Know that I am grateful for all of you and for our parish and it is my hope that in our focus on our personal relationship with God we will discover our deeper call to care for our community and the world around us.