An Idea for forming a Small Scripture Prayer Group

Posted Oct 09, 2017

On the feast day of St. Monica, in addition to the challenge of praying for fifteen minutes a day, I invited us to try to form small prayer groups to reflect on the weekly Sunday Scriptures. My hope would be at some point in the future we will be able to

provide more resources to help form these, in the meantime, there is no need to make this too complicated. Praying the

Scriptures with others is always a good thing to do.

Here is an idea…call up 4-6 other people and say this:

“Our pastor has asked us to try to pray the Sunday Scripture in small groups and I would like to try that with you, would you be interested in meeting with me and some others?”


  1. Download the following Sunday’s Scriptures on your phone, look them up online, or use the bulletin and look them up in your Bible.
  2. Read them together however you are comfortable. If it helps to read them two or three times, do that and take your time. Pass the readings around and give everyone a chance.
  3. Reflect on them for a few minutes in silence.
  4. Share one sentence or a word or something that seemed important to you when you heard it. You can take your time with this or it can be very brief.
  5. Offer petitions for people or situations that are in need of prayer and God’s healing.
  6. Pray the Our Father.
  7. End with the sign of peace and a meal, snack, or drink.

This can be done during a lunch hour, with a group of friends, groups that already meet regularly, after Mass, during coffee and donuts or Kermes, or together with your family after Mass and Sunday School. Really it can be done anywhere and anytime!

Keep up the praying and thanks for all you do for St. Monica Parish!

Peace, Father Todd