Pastor's Corner

Stewardship Reflection for All Souls Day

Posted Oct 28, 2014

As we continue to reflect on stewardship on All Souls Day, I would like to thank our Bereavement Ministry, the Sunshine Ministry, and all the numerous people who donate food for the meals we serve after funerals! Thank you for all the great work you do behind the scenes to offer comfort to...

Stewardship - Participation in the Church

Posted Oct 20, 2014

These two pictures are of people participating in the life of St. Monica, I took them last Sunday. One is our Life Teen Youth group and the other is  a group meeting with the director of Intercultural Ministry for the Archdiocese, Brother Moises Gutierrez. In last week’s homily I...

Voting with a Catholic Conscience

Posted Oct 16, 2014

I am often asked about election issues and how they relate to Catholic Church's point of view.  Click here to read a good article about voting as a Catholic from the Indiana Catholic Conference.  Peace, Fr. Todd

Stewardship - Serving the world God placed in your care

Posted Oct 13, 2014

I often suggest to people who are about to read the Bible for the first to time to first look at these passages: Genesis 1-3: This offers the foundation for a Christian understanding of why we exist. God creates the world, creates us in his image and likeness, and then places the world and...

Stewardship - "What we do with what we have when we believe in God"

Posted Oct 08, 2014

The fall is a time of changing leaves, settling into school routines, saying goodbye to summer and preparing for the winter months ahead. Here in the Archdiocese the fall is also a time of talking about “Stewardship” and things like appeals for the Archdiocese, envelopes for the...

Update On Unaccompanied Minors Program at St. Monica

Posted Oct 03, 2014

The Office of Refugee Resettlement has not yet approved St. Monica as a site to host Bethany Christian Services transitional assistance program for unaccompanied minors. The numbers of unaccompanied children crossing into the U.S. greatly declined in July and August. Mexico has strengthened its...

Uniting Unaccompanied Minors With Family

Posted Sep 10, 2014 | Father Todd Goodson

Greetings St. Monica, I mentioned in my homily last week that I have been blessed with a fairly comfortable and safe life. I did not grow up around guns and violence, or in a place of persecution or instability. I grew up in a safe home in a suburb of Bloomington, and I have had adequate food...

Advent Greetings

Posted Dec 10, 2013

Greetings, St. Monica... As Christmas draws near, there are still many opportunities to prepare our hearts to receive Christ. Attend our Penance service Tuesday December 17 at 7:00 PM, or attend Mass daily, paying particular attention to the readings, which slowly build to the coming of...

Pope Calls For Extraordinary Synod of Bishops

Posted Nov 27, 2013 | Father Todd Goodson

The Pope has called for an Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in October 2014 on the theme: “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.”  Archbishop Tobin and Bishop Coyne are asking for some wider input on this issue from people in the parishes of the...

Connected in the Spirit Update

Posted Oct 25, 2013 | Father Todd Goodson

Greetings St. Monica, Fr. Dustin and I would like to keep you up to date on the Connected in the Spirit process here in the city of Indianapolis and some of the ways that it will affect St. Monica. You may recall reading about this process in the Batesville deanery and before that in the Terre...

Connected in the Spirit June 2013

Posted Jun 09, 2013 | Father Todd Goodson

Greetings St. Monica, You will see this letter in the bulletin next week (June 15th):   You may have recently read some information about a process that the Archdiocese has completed in the Batesville deanery called “Connected in the Spirit”. This process is now going on...

A homily to the St. Monica 8th grade students

Posted Jun 04, 2013 | Father Todd Goodson

Greetings St. Monica, Someone suggested I blog this. It was the homily I gave at the 8th grade graduation Mass:   One of my favorite homilies that I ever gave here in the school and in fact the only one I really remember was the time I asked you all what you would do with your free time...