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Care and Support

We understand that life can be overwhelming and sometimes a little extra guidance is needed. If you're a St. Monica parishioner facing a personal or relationship challenge, please contact the parish office for an appointment with a priest or pastoral associate.

Ministry of Care for the sick and shut-in

If you are sick, homebound, or in the hospital and would like to receive the Eucharist, a select group from our Extraordinary Ministers of Communion is specially trained to bring the Body and Precious Blood to those of our community that are physically unable to participate in the Mass. Please contact Andy Vasiento at 317-872-5224 to make arrangements for this.

Care and Support Families in Need

Families in Need

St. Monica Catholic Church is in the early stages of creating a community outreach center. While the majority of our outreach efforts take place through donations to The Lord’s Pantry and the St. Vincent de Paul Warehouse, we hope to soon be able to provide food and clothing to those in great need or in emergency situations. Very limited financial assistance for utilities, rent and prescription costs may also be provided, dependent upon the availability of funds. Our secondary mission will be to provide the following items when donated: items for the care of infants, linens and blankets, fans, items for elderly care, toiletries, small household items and school supplies.

Transportation to Church

St. Monica Catholic Church is also attempting to create a transportation ministry to help provide rides to church for the elderly, disabled or visually impaired in our parish. If you need assistance getting to church, please call the parish office. To volunteer for this ministry, please contact Mel Ullrich at 317-253-2193, option 8.

Process for Annulment

An “annulment” is a declaration that when a man and woman exchanged consent at their wedding, one or both of them truly did not consent to marriage as the Catholic Church understands marriage. The parish office can provide a ministry contact for divorced persons seeking information and assistance about the healing that annulment can provide. How It Works The process begins with an initial meeting, during which information about the annulment process, including definitions, reasons for seeking annulment, and Tribunal involvement, are shared. The ministry contact helps the divorced person fill out the initial application and offers support during the annulment process. The Church looks at five things when determining whether a marriage is valid.

  1. The form of the marriage (this pertains only to Catholics and their exchange of vows in the presence of a priest or deacon.)
  2. The freedom of the parties.
  3. The capacity of individuals for entering into marriage.
  4. The individual’s knowledge of marriage and each other.
  5. The intention of the parties when entering into marriage.
A marriage may be declared invalid if something is lacking in any one of these five areas at the time of marriage. In reaching out to divorced Catholics, the Annulment ministry notes:
  • Divorced Catholics are not excommunicated
  • Divorced Catholics may receive the Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Divorced Catholics are full members of the Catholic Church and can participate fully in the life of the Church.
  • Children will not be illegitimate if a Catholic is granted an annulment.
  • An annulment must be granted on the previous marriage before a divorced Catholic can remarry in the Church.
To find out more about the annulment process, please call the parish office at 317-253-2193.