Trina Wurst

I am a wife, the mother of four young children, and a business owner. I was raised in the Quaker faith tradition, which instilled in me a deep longing for and love of quiet, Reflections - Trina Wurstcontemplative time with God. I joined the Catholic Church a few years after my husband and I were married.  The rituals and sacraments of the Catholic faith deepened my spirituality and added new dimension to my relationship with God.

My small church community (SCC) has been a crucial part of my faith journey. It is with this group of trusted friends that I learned to connect scripture to my life. I also served on the lay leadership team of St. Monica’s SCC ministry for 7 years.  During that time, I was blessed with the opportunity to lead many retreats and prayer vigils, and the relationships that blossomed from that experience are priceless to me.

“Holy chaos” is the best way I know to describe my life right now.  Admittedly, I am not able to devote nearly as much time to solitary, prayerful reflection as I once did, but I know the importance of setting aside quiet time with God and praying with scripture.  I have been a subscriber to St. Monica’s daily reflections since they began and am humbled that I have been asked to participate as a writer now.  I pray that I will be open to God’s will for me in this new role and look forward to praying with all of you.