St. Monica Ushers Ministry Needs You!


God is able to do far more than we can ever ask or imagine…let us pray to Him.  Thank you for being part of our St. Monica Church community where we experience God through loving and serving others. We would be grateful if you begin this New Year by joining the Ushers Ministry to serve one Mass (English) a month of your choice. The ultimate goal is to provide current Ushers more time to enjoy Mass with their families/friends and not have to serve every weekend.  Women and men who may or may not have Ushered before are more than welcome to join us! A very special “thank you” to our current Ushers for all they do in continuing to serve Parishioners by welcoming you to Mass, gathering offerings (tithe) to God, leading you to Jesus (Eucharist) during Communion, and saying a friendly “good-bye” while giving you a bulletin.  Their warm, gentle smile each Mass is very much appreciated…God is pleased!  Please contact Eileen Taylor at  to volunteer as an Usher at English Masses or if you have any questions about the Ministry.