September Virtue of the Month

The Virtues in Practice curriculum that we use at St. Monica is a 3 year program meant to help all of our students grow in the virtues and see virtues as a concrete expression of their Catholic faith.  We encourage families to share in practicing the virtues through the monthly home projects that focus on a different virtue each month. Students will learn about, discuss, and practice the virtues both at school and at home.  


This year, we are focusing on the virtue of Charity.  The Year of Charity emphasizes community, particularly in regards to students’ interactions with one another, because “he has not loved the brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.”  The September Virtue of the Month is Charity, so that we can fully understand this virtue and put it into practice. As a school this month, we will be supporting Holy Family Shelter with donations of items from their “Top 10” list of needed items during the weeks of September 17-26.  Please look for more information later this month.