School Improvement Team

By Eric Schommer

Please consider participating in the 2017-2020 School Improvement Plan Process!!!

Every three years, teachers, administrators, and school community member’s work together to develop the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

The SIP is mandated by the Department of Education and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for accreditation. School improvement planning is a process through which schools set goals for improvement, and make decisions about how and when these goals will be achieved.

Please read the additional information below and let us know if you are interested in participating.

What is the purpose of the SIP? The ultimate objective of the process is to improve student achievement levels by enhancing the way curriculum is delivered, by creating a positive environment for learning, and by increasing the degree to which parents are involved in their children’s learning at school and in the home.

How long is the SIP? Typically, three goals are selected as part of the SIP. 2 goals are academic, and one goal is related to the institution. The SIP committee of teachers, administrators, and school community members work together to identify goals and develop a plan for meeting the goals.

What experience do I need to have to volunteer? No experience required! We are looking for members of our school community who are willing to come and discuss thoughts and personal experiences with learning at St. Monica.

How much time will it take? No minimum time commitment required. Meetings will be held over the summer with additional opportunities to provide comment via email or phone.

When will the SIP be done? The 2017-2020 SIP is required to be completed and on file with the Indiana Department of Education by September 15, 2017, but updates to the plan are made annually and goals revised as needed. As a SIP committee volunteer, you would be invited to review the plan annually, but your ongoing participation would not be required.

Are you interested in being part of the SIP committee? If so, please contact Eric Schommer or Jenny Milata ( ) with questions or to get involved.

Please remember, any amount of time on the committee is appreciated and not experience is necessary!