Paul Gunn

I grew up on a farm in Northwest Ohio and attended a small country United Methodist church which was the core of our family activities for many years.  The church was small but the community was close knit and socially and spiritually nourishing.  I am the youngest of 4 brothers and a sister.  My wife Terri and I have two children and five grandchildren which are our greatest joys.

Terri and I moved to Indianapolis after attending college in Toledo, OH and in 1979 began attending mass at St Monica’s.  It was the first Catholic Church that I really felt comfortable in.  The community reminded me of the small country parish in Ohio that I grew up in.  The community was inviting and engaging and I just got hooked.  I started attending Sunday morning adult education classes regularly in the 80’s and enjoyed it so much that they invited me to help coordinate the ministry.   I resisted.  I was not Catholic.  In typical fashion, St Monica embraced diversity and made room for many points of view.  This extension of trust helped me learn about the Catholic faith and several years later I shocked my wife saying that I was going to go through Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).  Several of the writers of this ministry shepherded me through RCIA in 1990-1991 and now I am blessed to be a member of St Monica for over 25 years.  I joined a small Christian community 22 years ago during a parish wide mission.

The scripture reflection ministry has been important to me for many years.  When I was working out of town, I felt connected to the parish as I consumed the reflections each day.  I believe that the scriptures are like an owner’s manual for humanity.  It chronicles both mankind’s frailties and strengths and provides fixed truth for a world that continues to forget who gives us life and liberty.  It is amazing to me that our country was founded on biblical principles that our founders understood so well precisely because they knew the scriptures so well.   

I am humbled to be part of this ministry as there are so many great writers that I am in awe of their insights on the scripture.  As an engineer I tend to write from my head; but I hope to learn from my colleagues how to write from my heart.