Jean Galanti

jean-galantiI’m a lifelong Catholic, married to Paul Galanti. Practically by definition, that means I haven’t been reading Scripture all of my life. In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even have my own copy of the Bible until 35 years ago when I asked my dear mother-in-law to give me one for Christmas. That Bible with her handwritten inscription is still the one I use and it’s become an essential albeit dog-eared part of my spiritual life.

Jim Welter invited me to join the reflection team in 2002 when I became a staff member at St. Monica’s. Coordinating St. Monica’s Small Church Communities (SCC) was part of the job. At the time I theoretically knew of the SCC vision of “connecting faith and life.” But the kindness and holiness of many SCC parishioners and the example of their everyday lives helped me begin to “get” what that vision really meant. I always treasured the rich intellectual heritage of our Catholic faith but I saw more clearly that it was all in service to the daily call to love.

And that is how I try to approach St. Monica’s Daily Reflections. Catholic scripture study offers us deep and rich insights into the original context of the passages the Church chooses for us each day. But I’m looking for the nugget that helps me to hear God’s Word and to live it each day.