ISTEP and NWEA - Data Driven Success

By Eric Schommer

Good Afternoon Families,

     We have received our preliminary 2016-17 ISTEP and Fall 2017 NWEA scores and want to share the results with you.



Overall ISTEP scores show strong growth in Language Arts and a significant school wide need to address Mathematics.

Our goal for 2017-2018 is a pass rate of 75% in Language Arts and 65% in Math. This year's state pass rates are 65.2% in Language Arts and 58.8% in Math.

Our goal for growth rate in all areas in 2017-2018 is 90%.


 NWEA Math, Reading, and Language Usage results demonstrate that we meet or exceed our projected growth with the exception of 2 grade levels for each evaluated subject.


     Though our main focus at St. Monica is on Catholic education, academic success is vital to productive participation in the community. Therefore, we have developed an action plan that will address our identified needs in language arts and math. The plan has three parts: curriculum, school/administrative support, and parents.



     A consistent curriculum model is imperative to the structure of the learning environment. We are always striving to improve and as a result conducted evaluations of our curriculum and professional development last year. In the Fall of 2016, teachers, parents, and administrators spent 6 months evaluating Math and Language Arts programs that would be a good fit for St. Monica. This summer we adopted the SuperKids Language Arts Curriculum for all classes K-2, and My Math for all classes K-5. My Math stops at 5th grade but a consistent curriculum was necessary for the middle school as well. The Big Ideas series was adopted for the middle school through Algebra 1. We continue to partner with Cardinal Ritter High School to offer our students Geometry and Algebra 2.

     We will continue to evaluate and provide support for program fidelity bi-weekly in all grades with an emphasis on evaluating both programs after our Winter NWEA is completed.  The publishers of SuperKids and My Math are providing regular support for teachers in the classroom and remotely.


     Through professional development and supported implementation, our curriculum is designed to support appropriate growth for all students. We have redesigned our support services for students with English language and special education needs. This design shift allows for more targeted support for those students in need. We continue to support differentiated curriculum instruction in the classroom and provide teachers with the necessary tools for supporting students at various levels of performance. We will continue to address the professional development of all staff throughout the year with a focus on academic success through our Catholic traditions.


     Thank you for being a part of our growth model. Please continue to…

  • Arrive on time everyday before 7:40 AM
  • Create a study space and good study habits
  • Encourage your child to read often
  • Complete all homework and turn it in on time
  • Arrive early to take advantage of the morning computer lab
  • Stay for After School Achievers when needing help
  • Maintain regular communication with your child's teacher

I am available to answer any questions about the above data or our plans for success. Thank you for being a part of our educational family. Remember that these actions build the importance of education and the foundation for learning that will continue through adulthood.

May God bless you and your family,


Mr. Eric Schommer


St. Monica Catholic School

Our Mission: “As a diverse community, St. Monica School will provide the best Catholic education in a disciplined and caring environment; teaching students to invest in lifelong learning and service and inspiring spiritual growth as signs of God's love."