Grandfriends Day is Coming September 29th

By Eric Schommer

Mark your Calendars and Spread the Word...Grandfriends Day is September 29th
Grandfriends Day will be Friday, September 29th.  Each student can invite grandparents, family members or a special friend.  This is a time that students can show their guests around the school and participate in fun activities together.  The book fair will also be opened to those wanting to attend.
Please note, we have 2 arrival times for grandfriends.  It would also be helpful for grandfriends to know the grade of the students they are visiting.
Schedule for the day:
7:45 - Grandfriends are invited to join students for all school mass and should be seated in church prior to students arrival for church, students will then sit with grand friends as they enter
8:00 - All school mass begins
8:45 - Grandfriends not attending mass are welcome to meet in the St. Augustine Hall for coffee
8:55 - Grandfriends will begin walking towards the church for the welcome address 
9:00 - All school mass concludes, Grandfriends not attending mass will be admitted to the church
9:05 - Welcome address by Principal Eric Schommer and Pastor Todd Goodson
9:15 - Begin dismissal by grade, Grandfriends will meet up with students as they are dismissed
10:15 - Grandfriends day concludes, and student begin eating lunch.  Due to capacity issues, we do not have room for grandfriends to eat lunch with students.
We look forward to meeting all of our students' guests. See you soon!