Don Cooney


Greetings! My name is Donald (Don) Cooney, and in joining the reflection writing team, I began a new adventure in faith. I welcome your prayers. My wife, Janie, and I are natives of New Jersey, arriving in Fort Wayne, where we had both accepted positions with the Indiana Department of Mental Health, ten days before the Great Blizzard of 1978. We lived in Fort Wayne for eight years, and our two children, Sean and Erin, were born there. We eventually settled in the Indianapolis area. As we searched for a new house, we also searched for a new parish and found the pearl of great price, St. Monica Parish, a place of refreshment, renewal, and friendship. Our daughter and son-in-law were married at St. Monica’s, and we have three beautiful grandsons.

Years ago, I obtained a degree in Theology from Catholic University, and I have used this gift in RCIA ministry at Our Lady of Good Hope, Fort Wayne, Saint Anne’s, New Castle, and now at Saint Monica. I was born into a Catholic family, had a full Catholic grammar school, high school, and university education (except for one masters degree from Long Island University), but sad to say I also wandered away for years from Mother Church. I rediscovered God at Our Lady of Good Hope, Fort Wayne (how appropriately named!).

I love to travel and my fondest memories are trips to Rome during Vatican II; a 70th Birthday visit to Ireland; cruising Glacier Bay, Alaska, with my brothers and our wives; a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Fr. Paul (a former pastor of St. Monica’s); a six week RV western circle with Janie, and joining her on her Lilly Grant tour of the Mediterranean. Also, I like to read, enjoy cinema, participating in cardiac rehabilitation as well as some RCIA ministry, and watch sports now that age and health have curtailed my activities.