Bill Bradbury

Bill-BradburyMy story is one of self-discovery. After a normal childhood, I shocked everyone by flunking out of college. But three years in the Army taught me a lot about myself. I finished school, got an MBA, and worked for big companies for 20 years. But, in another change, I found I was much happier running my own small business, and I did that for 25 years until I retired.

My family was solidly Episcopalian. But after high school, I rarely went to church until, at age 41 and divorced, I met Margot and attended Mass with her. We were married and moved to Indianapolis in 1981, and I joined the Catholic Church in 1986. My spiritual self-discovery culminated in getting a masters degree in theology at age 64.

Although Margot and I have no children, our lives are enriched by family, friends, and, especially, godchildren. I’ve cared for my adopted spiritual family by coordinating RCIA, training liturgical ministers, lectoring, and, since 2001, writing scripture reflections.

As a spiritual late bloomer, I’m still finding my faith. Three things help me: scripture, relationships, and learning humility. Scripture is the road map. Relationships help me see the Body of Christ – in others and in myself. Humility – learning and accepting who God created me to be – is my enduring challenge. The reflection ministry helps me grow in all three areas.