Andra Liepa

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan into a traditional Catholic family, attended 12 years of Catholic school and then was privileged to attend the University of Notre Dame, where as a young adult, I first learned to pray for God’s guidance, to talk more openly about my beliefs, and to form my personal values and opinions in light of Catholic teaching.

After college, my life turned almost entirely toward the secular world, as I invested my time and energy in career and social interests.  I was excited to explore the world and relocated frequently in pursuit of career and travel opportunities.  In each location, I chose a parish and attended Sunday mass, but had little involvement with church ministry or service. 

In 1997, I lost a brother to illness and my first nephew was born. These two events were the start of a fundamental shift in my life.  In 2000, I moved to Indianapolis to be close to my sister and her young family. I chose St. Monica as my parish, attracted by the diversity and energy of the community, the quality of the music, and the inspiring homilies.  I soon joined the music ministry and began to make a spiritual home at St. Monica.

Over the next decade my career continued to demand a significant amount of my energy and time, and I was beginning to feel more and more out of balance.  I accepted an invitation to attend a Cursillo weekend, which started me on a new path of spiritual growth. God called me to leave my corporate work and devote myself to service in the community and support for my aging parents and aunt.  Simultaneous with the career change, I began to “group” regularly with St. Monica Cursillistas, and I joined an SCC.  Both of these groups have been a tremendous source of inspiration and support for my spiritual growth and life’s challenges. Writing reflections has created an additional catalyst for deeper examination of scripture and how it speaks to me in my daily life and in turn sharing those insights with our readers.